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Woman gives thorough lesson in ‘Breakup-ology’: ‘Accumulated resentment = the ick’

Ever wish you could track why a woman breaks up with you? One TikToker has broken it down — and it’s kind of perfect.

TikTok user Jennifer Reardon (@notjenneeree) has blown people’s minds with her “Breakup-ology”: a thorough analysis of how a relationship breaks down and a woman is pushed to her limit. Once at her limit, Jennifer argues, a woman will break up with her significant other.

“If you’re a boy who’s ever been dumped by your girlfriend for seemingly no apparent reason and you’re looking for answers this is what happened,” she begins.

“This is you guys. You guys are in a happy relationship and now all of a sudden you have one simple, fixable problem,” she says while pointing to her drawing. The “simple, fixable problem” Jennifer uses, in this case, is “no good morning text.”

Jennifer explains that the girlfriend likely tells her boyfriend, “‘Hey, do you think we could start doing good morning texts? Like it would mean a lot to me if you text me good morning.’ So you, her loving boyfriend, agree to give her good morning texts… but something happened and for whatever reason you stop giving her good morning texts. So, now we have a bigger problem.”

The bigger problem

Even after reminding her boyfriend to send good morning texts, Jennifer notes that he’ll likely still fail to do so, which then turns into a “bigger problem.” The bigger problem then spirals into a series of “little fights” because “she believes that you do not care enough.”

However, despite picking fights, Jennifer argues that the woman still wants to be with her boyfriend.

“Through all of these picking fights with you though, she still loves you and likes you enough to want to be with you,” she says, until one day she decides she’s had enough.

“She literally does not like you anymore.”

“She’s gonna realize that all of these little things that you do that remind her that you don’t care about her enough are unattractive,” she says. “And so now the problem is not these things, it’s not even that you don’t care enough, it’s not even that she never got good morning texts… it’s that she literally does not like you anymore.”

According to Jennifer, anything the boyfriend does to try to win his girlfriend back will not work.

“You weren’t dumped,” she says. “You probably actively chose not to give her what she said she needed now you guys aren’t together anymore.”

“Once you get the ick, it’s over there’s no turning back”

In just four days, Jennifer’s video has 6.7 million views and 1.1 million comments. TikTok users refer to a woman eventually finding her partner unattractive as “the ick.”

“Accumulated resentment = the ick,” someone wrote.

“She doesn’t like him anymore because she wants him to be thoughtful & go out of his way,” one user replied. “Telling him to be thoughtful defeats the purpose.”

“Once you get the ick, it’s over there’s no turning back,” another said.

The ick, as commenters suggest, may well be the kiss of death in a seemingly otherwise compatible relationship.

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