Woman furious over 'cowardly' dog-owner who left cat to die after mauling

A young Sydney woman is furious after her cat was left for dead after being mauled by a dog.

Emma Bloomfield, 26, of Beacon Hill on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, told Yahoo News Australia her cat Charlie was out walking on Monday morning when he was set upon by three dogs near Doulton Avenue and Willandra Road about 8.30am.

Ms Bloomfield said the dogs were on leads being walked by a woman.

Emma Bloomfield said her cat Charlie was attacked in Beacon Hill on Monday morning by three dogs. Source: Supplied

“One of her dogs attacked our cat who was out walking and minding his own business causing punctures on his side,” she said.

“Apparently she was distressed and fled the scene leaving him to die.”

Ms Bloomfield said she’s upset by the woman’s “cowardly behaviour”.

Someone walking by found a distressed Charlie trying to climb a tree and alerted Ms Bloomfield’s dad who managed to get the cat down.

The family celebrates Charlie's 17th birthday. Source: Supplied

Charlie is recovering at the vet. It is believed he has a fractured sternum along with puncture wounds to his chest.

Ms Bloomfield added her cat, who she’s had since she was eight-years-old, is stable but relying on breathing apparatus.

The family doesn’t know the full extent of his injuries yet.

“We are pretty traumatised. Having Charlie for over 17 years we can’t imagine life without him,” she said.

“For someone to leave him like that leaves a bitter taste in your mouth.”

She added the Bloomfield family has lived in Beacon Hill for 23 years and had had Charlie with them for 17. This “has never happened before”, she said.

The area at Beacon Hill near where Ms Bloomfield said Charlie was attacked. Source: Google Maps (file pic)

The 26-year-old said she’s reported the incident to Northern Beaches Council to find the woman responsible.

“We went to Beacon Hill Primary School and were part of the community. It’s such a lovely community and there are heaps of kids that live in our area so I wouldn’t want this to happen to a child or to someone else’s pet,” she said.

Northern Beaches Council said its animal welfare team is aware of the incident.

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