Woman fired after video of her blocking a man from entering building

A woman was fired from her job, after video of her stopping a man from entering his building went viral.

D’Arreion Toles, from Missouri, US, was trying to enter his apartment building when a white woman blocked the door way and refused to let him into the building.

In footage, which Mr Toles uploaded to Facebook on October 13, the woman is shown blocking the door way and asking Mr Toles which apartment he lives in.

“Please move, ma’am,” Mr Toles says.

“I can,” the woman said. “Do you live here?”

She continued questioning Mr Toles and when he pushed past her into the building, she followed him into the lift and to his apartment door.

The woman followed Mr Toles to his apartment (pictured). Source: Facebook/D’Arreion Nuriyah Toles

In another video, Mr Toles films his keys in his apartment door and pans the camera to the woman who is watching him from the hall.

“You just followed me all the way to my door,” Mr Toles said to the woman. “And you see my keys in the door.”

“As for the record, I just want to say, hi, what is your name?” the woman said, undeterred.

The footage has over 2 million views and has sparked public outrage over the racially fuelled incident.

“Wow, she is harassing him, seriously,” one Facebook user wrote.

“So stupid and ignorant,” another user wrote.

Mr Toles (pictured) filmed the incident. Source: KMOV4

“She in no way was scared or threatened,” one user said.

The woman was fired from her job and her former workplace released a statement saying that she had been ‘terminated’ from the company, reported local outlet KMOV4.