Woman finds shocking family secret while scrolling TikTok

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A woman believes she has uncovered a family secret and accidentally discovered a long lost sister while scrolling through TikTok.

The resemblance is certainly strong, and the pair have garnered media attention after the serendipitous moment led both women to discover something shocking about their past.

The 30-year-old women — Cheng Keke and Zhang Li, both natives of the Chinese province of Henan — say they had no idea they were even adopted until they found each other on TikTok back in January.

According to Newsweek, the women confronted their families about the revelation after they found each other online and learned that they both had, in fact, been adopted as infants from Gongyi.

The pair still haven’t taken a DNA test to confirm their blood relation, but they share a birthday, blood type and birthmark, and it’s hard to deny how similar the two women look.

The women met in person after a chance TikTok encounter. Source: Cheng Keke/Douyin
The women met in person after a chance TikTok encounter. Source: Cheng Keke/Douyin

Keke explained to Henan Television that she contacted Li on Douyin (the Chinese version of TikTok) and urged her to ask her parents “how many daughters they have.”

She eventually convinced Li to talk by sending her a selfie, which proved how eerily similar the two women look.

“When we had our first video call, it was like I was talking to myself,” Keke told Henan Television. “It was like looking in a mirror.”

Women convinced they are twins after meeting

In February, Keke traveled to Dengfeng to meet Li. After meeting in person, both felt almost certain that they were “twin sisters,” and plan to take a DNA test to perhaps confirm their suspicions.

“Ms Zhang and I plan to have a DNA test, but first we want permission from our families,” Keke told Henan Television.

“If one of our parents [doesn’t] support our decision, then we won’t go ahead. We don’t want to hurt them.”

Keke and Li’s story has grabbed the attention of several news outlets in China, which has led to many rumours surrounding their families and origins.

One thing they want to make very clear is that no matter what happens, both women fully intend on remaining close to their adopted parents.

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