Woman finds mystery object in her Woolworths juice

A woman realised there was a mystery object in her Woolworths juice after drinking almost half the bottle.

The woman posted an image of the strange item next to a two litre bottle of Woolworths brand apple and mango juice.

“Excuse me Woolworths but what just came out of your Apple and mango juice?” Cami Cole posted on Facebook on Thursday.

“We drank almost half of the bottle before realising.”

The item appears to be a ball of white string-like material.

Cami Cole posted an image of the strange object next to the juice bottle. Source: Facebook/Cami Cole

The supermarket chain told Yahoo7 they are investigating the claim.

“At Woolworths we take food safety very seriously,” a Woolworths spokesperson said.

 “We’ve been in touch with the customer directly and will be looking into the claim.

Woolworths said it had apologised to the customer and provided her with a Woolworths Gift Card.

The object appears to be a tangled mass of string. Source: Facebook/Cami Cole