Woman's 'disgusting' find in salad while unpacking groceries

A woman has literally nearly ended up with a frog in her throat after making a horrifying discovery in her salad.

Karlie Allen bought a Simple Truth Organic salad from a Pick ‘N Save in the US state of Wisconsin on Tuesday when she discovered a live frog in her salad while unpacking her groceries, WMJ-TV Milwaukee reports.

"I'm thinking one, ‘how the heck did that get in there?’ And two, ‘that is absolutely disgusting’," Ms Allen said.

Karlie Allen with the frog found in her Simple Truth Organic salad. Source: WMJ-TV Milwaukee

She planned to return the salad with the frog but somehow the amphibian escaped.

Ms Allen filmed the run-in with the animal though and was given a refund.

However, she’s still questioning how the frog made it into her salad alive.

Simple Truth has apologised to Ms Allen.

In a statement to WMJ-TV Milwaukee, Pick ‘N Save’s parent company Roundy's Supermarkets said “small animals” including frogs and insects are sometimes found in salads because USDA Certified Organic Items have to be free of pesticides.

It added this is “rare” though.

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