Woman finds 'little visitor' in her Coles grapes

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A customer has posted on Coles’ Facebook after finding a “free gift” in a bag of grapes.

The woman, who is based in South Australia, got a surprise when she opened the packet of black seedless grapes and found “a little visitor”.

Accompanying the post were two images of a snail perched on top of the fruit.

Social media users said the snail was probably a sign of freshness.

A snail inside Coles grapes
A Coles customer found a “free gift” with her grapes from the supermarket. Source: Facebook

“At least we know it’s organic!” one person responded.

“That’s a good sign that it’s fresh,” another person commented.

While the customer seemed more amused than upset about the find, Coles took the matter seriously and responded to the complaint straight away, asking for purchase details so they could get to the bottom of where the “free gift” came from.

“We have strict quality controls in place to prevent this from occurring,” a spokesperson for the supermarket posted, offering to refund the grapes.

A snail inside Coles grapes from South Australia
Coles has assured the customer they will get to the bottom of where the snail came from. Source: Facebook

“Please be assured that we'll be sharing these details with our National Quality Team so they're aware and we trust you won't encounter this again,” the spokesperson ensured.

While the shopper seemed satisfied with Coles’ quick response, it’s not the first time a customer has found a surprise addition inside fresh produce.

In November, a Coles customer found maggots inside a newly purchased packet of blackberries, while another shopper discovered an earwig in a punnet of strawberries.

“As always, we encourage customers to return any item they’re not happy with to their nearest store for a full refund or replacement,” a spokesperson for Coles told Yahoo News Australia at the time.

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