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Woman finds gems while dumpster diving at college campus during graduation: ‘I definitely felt like a raccoon’

As the academic year comes to an end, college students are moving out of their dorms and apartments — which provides a great opportunity for others to sweep in and take the leftover furniture.

Faeyrn (@faescircle) took full advantage of students moving out when she went dumpster diving at a college campus and found some great items.

“You’ll never believe the amount of stuff that gets thrown out by graduating kids that have no concept of what money is,” she said.

In her video, she showed all the items left behind by students who had moved out, which included televisions, microwaves, vacuums and much more. She noted that they did clean the room with the leftover appliances, but Faeyrn was looking to take some items home.

“We deep-cleaned immediately, but I definitely felt like a raccoon,” she said.

Others felt the exact same way, as they also saw working items left behind during move-out days.

“As a Resident Assistant, the amount of treasure and stuff residents have thrown out is amazing. I got a $60 brita for nothing,” replied @isabelle_lopez1016.

“That’s how my husband and I furnished our apartment when we had nothing. it was a blessing. it truly was so helpful,” replied @supergirl227il.

Dumpster diving in affluent areas isn’t anything new. TikToker @glamourddive has posted hundreds of videos of her searching for gems at high-end places like Nike, Apple, Coach and more.

She scored great finds, and the same goes for those who dumpster dive at college campuses.

With the items Faeyrn found and the anecdotes in the comments confirming this trend, she let the hundreds of thousands of people who watched her video know that dorms are an adequate place to find appliances.

“If you’re poor and you need household necessities, just go to your local college campus when they’re about to graduate.”

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