Woman facing charges after dog injured by being dragged behind electric scooter

WARNING – DISTRESSING IMAGES: A woman has been charged after distressing footage emerged appearing to show her dragging a small dog behind an electric scooter.

Footage captured on the streets of Bakersfield, California sparked an uproar when it emerged on Facebook last month, with calls for the accused, Elaine Rosa, to be held accountable.

Brandon Sanders told local TV station KERO last month that he was with his girlfriend when they witnessed the incident.

He said Rosa seemed unfazed that the dog had four bloody paws before telling her that it’s not okay to drag a pet behind a scooter at 24km/h.

CCTV captured from a nearby house shows the dog being dragged behind the scooter ahead of Mr Sanders and his girlfriend who were riding their bikes down the same road. Source: Facebook/Brandon Sanders
The scooter rider held her injured dog and smiled as Mr Sanders confronted her. Facebook/Brandon Sanders

He quickly photographed the canine’s wounds and posted them on social media.

According to Sanders’ now widely-shared Facebook post, Rosa responded by saying “s*** happens, just like with kids”.

“I was on my bicycle and she was walking, and she looked at me, and when she saw that I was taking her picture, she smiled at me, kind of a smart-aleck smile,” Sanders said at the time.

“I’m not going to say that what she did was intentional, but it was very negligent.

“She had to have dragged the dog at least 100 yards before she even checked to see if it was still there – and that’s just from what we saw, from the point to where we actually saw her to where she stopped.”

If found guilty, Rosa now faces three years in prison. Source: Facebook/Brandon Sanders

Rosa’s contract as a psychologist at the Kern Valley State Prison was terminated days after the footage circulated, KERO News reports.

She now faces three years in jail and a $27,000 fine if she is found guilty of the animal abuse and neglect charges.

Rosa’s lawyer said she is cooperating with law enforcement and is in the process of turning herself over to authorities.

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