Travel ban for woman in fatal crash case

Kaitlyn Offer

A woman accused of dangerous driving that killed a baby born after a crash has had her bail conditions tightened in a Melbourne court.

Dimple Grace Thomas, 31, appeared in the Melbourne Magistrates' Court on Wednesday on charges stemming from a crash on the South Gippsland Highway in Cranbourne on August 8.

Thomas was exiting a car park when she allegedly crashed into another vehicle near the Thompson Road intersection.

The pregnant driver of the second vehicle, 25, was hospitalised.

Police say the woman gave birth and the baby died in hospital.

Thomas was not injured in the crash.

She was charged on November 2 with dangerous driving causing death, recklessly engaging in dangerous conduct and careless driving, court documents show.

Thomas' bail conditions were tightened to restrict her from going to points of international departure, barring her from leaving Victoria and Australia.

She was told she could not to apply for a new passport nor contact witnesses, and must notify authorities if she changes her residential address.

She will next appear in court on December 21.