Woman ends up in ER after a DIY gel manicure: 'When your nail tech says don't cut your cuticles ... listen to them'

This manicure horror story is definitely a nail-biter.

TikToker @lanalovessushi disregarded the wisdom of her nail technician. But after giving herself an at-home gel manicure, she ended up in the hospital. Now she’s letting others know: Don’t cut your cuticles.

“When your nail tech says don’t cut your cuticles… listen to them,” the video text said. “Update: they removed my whole nail.”

The initial footage showed her thumb completely red and swollen around the nail. In the update, it was bandaged up — probably for the best.

“As a licensed nail technician, what people mistakingly refer to as cuticle is actually living tissue,” a person commented.

“Babes just get a nice cuticle oil and moisturise your hands there’s noooo need!! speedy recovery sweetheart,” another said.

“My sister used to bite off her cuticles I remember all of her fingers looked like that a few times,” a user wrote.

She elaborated on the incident in an update. She had been doing manicures for a couple of years and always cut her cuticles.

“I do get carried away sometimes ’cause you start snipping,” she said. “You start snipping it off, and then it lifts, and it keeps lifting, and then there’s more skin, and you just keep cutting.”

The American Academy of Dermatology advises against cutting cuticles at home or professionally. Cuticles help to protect the nail from infection, and removing them makes it more susceptible to harmful bacteria and germs.

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