Woman eats maggot-infested airline snack

A Victorian mother has been left with a bad taste in her mouth after accidentally eating a maggot which was crawling through her airline food.

Victoria Cleven, 42, was on a Qantas flight from LA to Melbourne when she bought a couple of packets of trail mix to snack on.

The mother-of-two was left paralysed when she switched on the overhead light and saw maggots crawling through the packet.

"Something just didn't feel quite right," she told 7News. "I felt like hair or something over my mouth.

"I started eating and thought this tastes quite strange, what am I actually eating?"

"When I turned the light on and looked down I saw white stringy bits. Then I saw maggots crawling inside the pack."

"I couldn't speak...I was in tears. I knew I had half a flight to go," Victoria said.

"It was just disgusting...I wanted to throw up."

Her 15 year-old son was also left gagging after discovering another two packets were infested.

"It made me sick to think that people are eating these nuts with maggots living in them...it's not a nice thought," he said.

The company that makes the Australian made trail mix, Sydney Biscuit Company, says the responsibility is with Qantas.

Qantas has apologised to Ms Cleven and offered to pay $700 of her $1600 flight, but she says that's not good enough.

"I would hope they would take this seriously and start looking at the quality control," she said.

In the meantime, Ms Clevens says she is avoiding any airline food.

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