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Woman dumbfounded by husband’s ‘combative’ behavior around her family: ‘You’re married to a toxic know-it-all’

A woman is furious with her husband for constantly arguing with her sister.

She took to Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum for advice. Her husband, Tom, frequently becomes argumentative with her sister Marie. But since Marie recently gave birth, she was hoping Tom would chill out. Tom had other plans during his first time meeting the new baby.

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“My sister, Marie, (29) and her husband Zach (40) had their first child, a beautiful baby girl, 2 months ago. They have been pretty nervous parents, so when my husband Tom (42) and I (37) were invited to finally meet our niece, I was thrilled except I was worried about Tom,” the Redditor wrote.

Tom and Marie disagree about most things. Worst of all, Tom likes provoking Marie’s opinionated side. Sometimes Marie starts arguments, but since she had the baby, Marie has backed off. The Reddit poster told Tom not to bait Marie before the gathering. Tom agreed. But that’s not how things played out.

“Tom started out the evening pretty strong and kept to himself, until it was revealed that Zach was going to be the one to stay home with their daughter. Tom made a comment like, ‘oh I thought mom was supposed to do that.’ Zach said that it was pretty sexist for Tom to say that and when Tom asked how, Zach told him that moms can have careers too, and that Marie shouldn’t give up all the hard work she just did…” the Redditor explained.

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When Tom began to argue, Marie “cut him off and told him to either quit or leave.”

“We didn’t stay for long after and when we got home,” she wrote, “I told Tom that I am done with him embarrassing me and that he’s not allowed to join me whenever I visit Marie again, if I’m even invited back. […] Tom said I’m blowing this way out of proportion and that it’s not his fault that they got so offended, and that if anything they were rude to kick him out over his opinion.”

Redditors felt she should have known her husband would behave this way.

“YTA for taking your combative husband to your sister’s house… You’re married to a toxic know-it-all,” a person wrote.

“I couldn’t be with someone who has such completely different core values,” another commented.

“I have a family member like Tom. It makes things miserable for everyone,” a TikToker replied.

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