Woman drowns in pool metres from lifeguard distracted by his phone

A 62-year-old woman has drowned after struggling for 10 minutes while a swimming pool lifeguard looked at his phone just metres away.

The incident took place at the Spruce Fitness in Central China’s Henan Province on May 10.

The 62-year-old victim, whose name has been withheld by her family, was swimming on her own when she began struggling to stay float, grainy CCTV images show.

A 62-year-old woman was seen struggling for 10 minutes before she drowned in a China gym swimming pool. Source: Australscope/AsiaWire

She is seen flailing her arms in the pool, but the lifeguard standing just 10 metres away does not notice her as he appears to stare at his mobile phone.

In the distressing video, the lifeguard walks back and forth before eventually leaving in the opposite direction, with footage capturing him dashing towards the victim after being informed by other gym-goers 10 minutes later.

The pensioner, who family members said retired just two years earlier, was declared dead shortly after.

“He was the only lifeguard on duty. At least glance at the pool once in a while, right?” a family member said.

“This is negligence and poor training.”

A lifeguard is seen on security footage playing on his phone metres away from the drowning woman. Source: Australscope/AsiaWire

A spokesman for the gym said the business “would not avoid responsibility” over the tragedy.

Local authorities have revealed the gym does not have the necessary licence to operate a pool – listed under high-risk activities – and that it was fined last month for failing to renew an expired hygiene certificate.

Further investigations are ongoing, with the family reportedly likely to take the gym to court.


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