Man divorces wife after awkward Google Earth encounter

In the past there are many ways to discover your partner is cheating on you, but these days there are more technological ways to find out the bad news.

That was certainly the case for one Peruvian man who was scrolling through Google Maps when he recognised the clothing of a woman sitting on a bench in Puente de los Suspiros de Barranco in Lima.

The woman, who was snuggling up to a man whose head was cradled in her lap, was his wife.

A man discovered his wife was having an affair when he saw a photo of her on Google Maps. Source: GoogleMaps

The images, which can still be seen on Google Maps, also show the woman leaning over the man stretched out on the bench.

The unnamed couple divorced after he confronted her about her adultery. He said she confessed to the affair.

The man then shared the images to Facebook, the Independent reported.

Big Brother may not be watching you, but Google Maps might well be.

The man later divorced his wife, who confessed to having an affair. Source: Google Maps