Woman discovers ‘zombie’ shark inside abandoned aquarium

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A YouTuber exploring an abandoned aquarium has filmed the moment she made an eerie discovery inside a broken tank.

French woman Juliette, who goes by Juj’ Urbex on YouTube and TikTok, was with friends inside the aquarium in Spain when they found the mummified remains of a shark.

Urbex is a shortened term for ‘urban exploration’.

“Oh my god!” Juliette says after her friends show her the rotting corpse.

A rotting shark sits with its mouth open at an abandoned aquarium in Spain.
A rotting shark was left on display at an abandoned aquarium in Spain. Source: YouTube/Juj' Urbex
Urban explorer Juliette said the discovery was the highlight of their adventure. Source: YouTube/Juj' Urbex

Speaking French, she notes that the shark is “completely mouldy”, while her friend takes a closer look at the shark’s head.

“There are two rows of teeth,” the friend says.

“Finally we had found this magnificent shark which, without him, the exploration would not have been so spectacular,” Juliette says in a voice over.

The shark, its thick skin wrinkled and decayed, sits with its mouth open displaying rows of sharp teeth, while its eyes are completely clouded over.

Juliette said through their exploration it was clear the centre had been vandalised.

A huge giant squid decoration that once hung from the roof is now lying on the floor of an abandoned aquarium.
A huge giant squid was spotted on the floor of a lower level – but it's believed to be a decoration that once hung from the roof. Source: YouTube/Juj' Urbex
A squid that was once on display in a jar is now dried up and shrivelled.
Octopus or squid specimens that were once on display in jars are now dried up and shrivelled. Source: YouTube/Juj' Urbex

Other footage shows the dried remains of a squid or octopus specimen that had been kept in a jar.

On the floor of another room, a huge giant squid can be seen – though it’s believed to be a decoration that once hung from the roof.

A clip of the discovery, uploaded to TikTok with the caption “the horror”, has been viewed almost 5 million times.

"Oh that is so scary," one viewer commented.

Several people said the eerie scenes resembled an abandoned aquarium in the popular video game The Last of Us.

Great white shark abandoned at Victorian wildlife park

Another abandoned shark at a wildlife park in Victoria made headlines in 2019 when an urban explorer entered the now-dilapidated grounds of the Wildlife Wonderland park in Bass.

Spooky photos shows a monster four-metre great white – nicknamed Rosie – floating in a green tank.

The shark died in a fishing net in 1998 and was kept in the tank until the park was shut down in 2012 by the Department of Sustainability and Environment.

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