Woman discovers ‘uncomfortable’ issue while visiting boyfriend’s apartment: ‘I have been honest with him’

Emerald Pellot
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A young couple is fighting over an uncomfortable mattress.

The girlfriend took to Reddit’s “Am I the A*****” forum for advice. Her boyfriend’s mattress is old, springy and covered in dog hair. She told him multiple times it’s too uncomfortable for her to sleep on but he refused to get a new mattress. Now she is refusing to stay over at his place.

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“My boyfriend seems to be upset because I don’t want to spend the night tonight,” she wrote. “It’s nothing against sleeping with him, but rather sleeping on his bed. He’s had this mattress for ages. It’s old, uncomfortable, saturated with dog hair and springs, and I struggle to sleep well on it. My boyfriend, however, sees no issue with his bed and claims he sleeps fine on it. Which is great for him. But I do not sleep well on it, which is my point in this argument.”

The couple works in the food service industry which often takes a toll on their bodies.

“My whole body hurts and I’d rather sleep in my own bed (which is new, clean, and fluffy) over his,” she said. “We live separately and usually take turns visiting each other’s homes depending on our shifts, but recently I’ve been more prone to stay at my own home because I just cannot sleep comfortably at his. I have been honest with him for months that I do not like sleeping over at his place and in his current bed. I never expect him to come over if he doesn’t want to so I’m kind of peeved that he is so upset with me.”

Reddit users were on the girlfriend’s side.

“Save your back, sleep at home,” one person wrote.

“You don’t need an excuse not to spend the night at your boyfriends but this one is perfectly valid,” another said.

“Don’t sacrifice your own health and wellbeing for a guy,” someone commented.

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