Elderly lady throws neighbour's dog in rubbish bin amid feud

A neighbourhood dispute has taken an unusual turn in the US, as a woman in her eighties was caught on camera dumping her neighbour's dog into a rubbish bin.

The dog named Bentley is like a child to its owners, who were left outraged over the incident, KHOU reports.

"In a trash can, in the middle of the day, a hot, closed, confined space, there's no need for a dog to be put in a place like that," Amanda told KHOU.

The footage of the incident in League City, Texas, was taken from another neighbour's surveillance system.

A woman has been caught on camera putting her neighbour's dog into a bin. Source: KHOU 11 News

KHOU 11 News claims the woman put a recycling bin on top of the trash can when the dog tried to pop up out of it.

It is reported that the dog's owners claimed the feuding between the families was due to the fencing and the dogs.

The neighbours had reportedly been quarrelling for years, but on this particular afternoon Bentley had escaped under a wired fence.

"The fact that her answer to this was to put a seven pound dog and put him in a trash can, it's rather cruel or no thought at all, either way it's ridiculous," said Amanda.

"It's one thing to think she doesn't like my dog, it's another thing to think that my dog was put in a trash can for an hour or 2 or whatever it was."

It was reported that the woman pulled the dog out once she realised she was being filmed. Source: KHOU 11 News

It is reported that once the woman realised she was being filmed she removed the dog from the bin and Galveston County District Attorney's Office has said she won't be charged.

The woman in the video was approached by KHOU 11 News but declined to comment.