Woman didn't know she was pregnant until she gave birth to twins

A young mum got the shock of her life when she got up in the middle of the night thinking she needed the toilet — but instead gave birth to surprise twins.

Beth Bamford claims she had no idea she was pregnant and was stunned when she ended up giving birth alone in her bathroom.

The 21-year-old, from Stoke-on-Trent, UK, gave birth to 2.5kg daughter Willow as boyfriend Andy Morris, 22, lay sound asleep in the next room.

Beth Bamford has revealed she didn’t know she was pregnant, until she gave birth to twins whilst on the toilet. Source: Kennedy News and Media

After the shock arrival, Beth called for an ambulance and emergency services talked her through pushing out the afterbirth, but instead out popped twin, Freya, weighing 2.3kgs.

Beth, who was already a mum-of-two, said she’d visited her doctor numerous times thinking she was ill but neither the mum nor her doctors realised it was because she was pregnant.

“It’s a big shock but a nice surprise. I didn’t know I was pregnant at all,” she said. “I was in bed with my partner and I was getting pains.”

“I didn’t say anything to him but I went downstairs to get a glass of water and they got worse and I thought I needed the toilet,” she continued.

“I was still sitting on the toilet when I gave birth. I didn’t really have time to feel anything as it was happening.”

She claims she showed no signs of pregnancy as she was still having her periods, was not eating more than usual and had only put a “small amount of weight”.

The young mum was 37 weeks along whens he gave birth, seen here a few weeks before. Source: Kennedy News and Media

Her surprise arrivals didn’t go smoothly, with Freya — who was breech — taking several scary moments to start breathing.

“The emergency services told me I needed to get the placenta out,” Beth said. “I pushed again but another baby came out, not the placenta. It was a shock.”

“The second one wasn’t breathing because she was breech. I was panicking about what to do because I wasn’t sure what to do with one, let alone two.

“Nobody was answering me when I was shouting and I couldn’t wake my partner up because I was on the floor with the babies and couldn’t move.”

Andy eventually heard the commotion and walked into the bathroom where he was stunned by what he found.

The mum-of-four was on the toilet when she gave birth unexpectedly. Source: Getty

While paramedics were quick to the scene, Beth said it was difficult trying to explain that there were no medical notes because she didn’t know she was expecting.

“I told them I didn’t know I was pregnant or having twins, but nobody believed me – even my partner thought I had hidden it from him,” she explained.

Despite having no nappies or clothes for her girls, the family say they’ve adapted well to their new additions.

Doctors believe Beth was around 37 weeks pregnant when she gave birth to her non-identical twins on February 21.

She was told that if she had given birth in hospital, she would have had a C-section because Freya was breech.

The newborns and their mum spent a week in hospital where she and the babies were checked over and monitored for signs of distress.

Now they’re all back home with sisters, Elsa-Mae, three, and Alivia, two.

“I feel lucky because it could have been a lot worse, but it is scary going from two to four,” she said.

Looking back she admits “it didn’t pop into my head I could be pregnant”.

“It’s a bit of a struggle but I just have to get on with it.”

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