Woman denies masterminding WA drug murder


A woman who lured a drug dealer to a Perth house where he was beaten to death over a debt has rejected suggestions she masterminded the plot.

Johnathan Derek Pihema, Christopher Joe Moir and Matthew Howarth are on trial in the WA Supreme Court over the death of 29-year-old Jason Robert Edge on April 25, 2015.

The prosecution says Jodi Abbott, who was dating Moir at the time and knew Mr Edge through methamphetamine use, picked him up from a train station and brought him to the Clarkson house under the pretence of a drug deal.

But she didn't tell him Pihema was waiting there to confront him over a $15,000 debt.

Pihema's lawyer Anthony Elliott went a step further on Wednesday, suggesting to Abbott that she was "the person behind the whole scheme".

"It was you who set Jason Edge up and it was because of your involvement in the drug world," Mr Elliott said.

"I was involved in the lead-up," she replied.

"Whatever John John (Pihema) did in there was his own fault."

Mr Elliott said she had to have someone to blame and made Pihema "the fall guy", which she denied.

He also put it to her that she was present at the house after Mr Edge had been killed and helped destroy some of his belongings at her own home, but Abbott said she fled the house when she saw signs of danger.

"I just ran," she said.

"I knew that it didn't end well."

The trial continues.