SA woman denied bail on terror charge


An Adelaide woman charged with being a member of Islamic State has again been refused bail.

The case of the 22-year-old Kenyan-born woman came before the Supreme Court on Tuesday with her lawyer seeking a review of a decision by a magistrate to keep her in custody.

But the court refused the application and the woman is next scheduled to appear in the Adelaide Magistrates Court in August.

In a previous bail application, a prosecutor told a magistrate the woman remained a radicalised Muslim who had pledged allegiance to the leaders of Islamic State in October last year.

The court heard that she remained a danger to the community and a flight risk.

But defence counsel Craig Caldicott said the case against his client outlined so far was "wafer thin" and to deny her bail would result in her remaining in custody for many months or possibly years if she was sent to trial.

Soon after her arrest, Mr Caldicott told reporters it was his instructions that the woman was innocent of the charges and would continue to fight the allegations.