Woman deliberately drove car at relatives, court hears

A woman has been injured after a family feud spilled onto the street in Perth’s north.

A court has heard a young mother deliberately drove her car at a group of relatives on MacDonald Avenue in Padbury on Friday night.

The wild rampage was caught on camera and shows the alleged attack reach a terrifying end.

A Mitsubishi Magna can be seen driving at a group of people as someone lets out a horrified scream.

A person can be seen lying on the ground after the alleged attack. Source: 7News

One person can be seen lying on the ground after being mowed down.

They quickly receive help before the car makes another run accelerating forwards.

Police allege a 27-year-old mother-of-two is driving at the people who live at the house next to the alleged attack.

Those people fought back when the car returned again hurling rocks at it.

Paramedics treated the injured woman at the scene before taking her to hospital. Source: 7News

Members of the house say it was a family argument.

A 23-year-old mother was taken to hospital with a broken ankle and cuts and abrasions.

The driver was also checked over in hospital.

She has been charged with act or omission causing bodily harm and having a blood alcohol concentration more than twice the legal limit.

A man suffered a head injury from an earlier altercation. Police are investigating if the two incidents are related. Source: 7News

Police were on the scene quickly enough to find the driver of the Magna still in the driver’s seat.

Officers had been called to an earlier fight between two men on the same street.

They are investigating if the incidents are linked.

Police confirmed a man was taken to Joondalup Hospital.

The boyfriend of the Magna driver claims tensions escalated when he was attacked at another house.

He says he was hit with a bottle.