Telltale signs ignored as woman sat dead for two years

The decomposed remains of a 61-year-old woman have been found in her London flat about two years after she died.

Neighbours had complained of a "horrific stench" coming from the residence. They reported it to the housing association and police on numerous occasions, but claim nothing had been done.

During this time, the woman's mailbox had been piling up with letters which were only discovered this week when local police finally broke down the door to investigate, My London reports.

A woman's mailbox had been pilling up with letters after being found dead
The woman's mailbox had been piling up with letters which were only discovered this week. Source: MyLondon

There was also a bicycle outside her door which hadn't been moved in some time, according to reports.

Authorities were called on Friday when some neighbours heard her balcony door banging open and shut during the violent storms sweeping through London, The Guardian reports.

Upon entering, it's been reported the woman was found sitting on the sofa in a skeletal state, which proved she'd been dead a very long time.

Over the two-year period, neighbours reportedly sensed something "weird" was going on.

A neighbour told MyLondon it smelled like "rotting chicken" and during summer it was "flies galore".

"There were big ones and little small ones, I thought it was just fruit flies," they said.

Despite the ongoing complaints, police reportedly told neighbours "lots of people had moved out of London during the pandemic and she could be abroad," according to The Sun.

The woman's death is being treated as unexplained but not suspicious, a statement from police confirmed.

Googlemaps image of the woman's apartment building on St Mary's Road in Peckham.
The woman's apartment building on St Mary's Road in Peckham. Source: GoogleMaps

Family's tragic final text before dying in national park

This comes as a family who tragically died while hiking in northern California last year had desperately tried getting help as authorities reveal their final text message.

But due to having no reception, the plea for help didn't go through.

Jonathan Gerrish, 45, and his wife Ellen Chung, 31, were found dead on a remote hiking trail near Yosemite National Park, along with their one-year-old daughter Miju and their family dog Oski, and investigators have since been piecing together their final movements.

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