"I Realized That He Wasn't Coming Back At All": A 30-Year-Old Woman Was Ghosted Mid-Vacation By A Guy She Was Dating — The Internet Is Helping Uncover Why He Really Left

Dating in this day and age is brutal. Just ask any young person and they'll probably tell you they've either been ghosted or been a "ghoster." There are many different reasons why people ghost, but one woman experienced one of the most extreme cases of ghosting — on vacation.

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Recently, CP, a 30-year-old woman who has chosen to keep her name anonymous, went viral after posting a TikTok video detailing her experience where the guy she had been dating flew her out to Miami for a couple's vacation as their second date. Unfortunately, he ended up texting her mid-vacation that he had to leave due to "devastating news" and she never saw him again.

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When it came time for the trip, CP remembers it starting off well. "The trip was going very well in the beginning, I had booked us a few nice restaurants for that weekend and we were having a blast," CP said to BuzzFeed.

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"He knew he was paying for everything and he booked the hotel reservation at the W, with his card on file," CP said.

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In the video, CP revealed when the trip took an odd turn. The couple had lunch reservations for later in the day, but the guy told CP he was going out with his sister beforehand, and ensured he'd be back in time. In hindsight, one user commented, "The sister excuse was the red flag."

"The sister excuse was the red flag"

As the reservation time came closer, CP texted the guy asking where he was but got no response. After a few more text messages, CP said he responded: "I just got some pretty devastating news while having lunch."

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"I was under the impression that he'd come back after he handled whatever needed to be handled. After about four hours past our reservation time, I realized that he wasn't coming back at all," CP told BuzzFeed.

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In the video, CP then goes on to explain that she laid down for a nap in their shared hotel room. After waking up, she realized the guy's suitcase and belongings were gone.

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"I was like, 'Did he come get his stuff while I was taking a nap?' That is so disrespectful!" CP said.

"The fishy part to me was the lack of decency in not letting me know that he was leaving. That made me very suspicious that he might have a situation at home," CP told BuzzFeed.

CP explained to BuzzFeed that she met this guy at a party a few months ago. "I wasn't very hesitant [about going on a trip with him] as we had been talking all day, every day since we initially met," CP said.

"The only suspicious thing prior to the trip was that his texts [to me] were green, leading me to believe that he was using an app instead of using his real number. I knew that he had an iPhone, so the texts should've been blue," CP said.

The original video of CP recounting her story has already accumulated over three million views and thousands of comments with many viewers sharing their theories on what they believe really happened. One user wrote, "He went home to save his marriage."

"He went home to save his marriage"

Another user agreed, writing, "The devastating news is that his wife found out."

"The devastating news is that his wife found out"

And finally, a user suggested joining a Facebook group, commenting: "Girl, post him on fb, there's an 'Are we dating the same guy?' Tampa Bay group."

"Girl, post him on fb, there's an 'Are we dating the same guy?' Tampa Bay group"

CP told BuzzFeed that she received over thirty messages from women wanting to help investigate the guy who ghosted her on vacation. "Many TikTok users messaged me asking if the guy was either their boyfriend or a man who they thought it could be."

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"Everyone was incorrect, except one woman. She told me that he had ghosted her earlier in the year," CP said in the video. "This woman had confronted him when she found out that he was still married to his wife."

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After messaging back and forth with the woman, CP discovered that the guy she'd gone on vacation with was currently married and had been for 15 years.

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In a follow-up video, CP explained even more shocking findings. "Another woman direct messaged me offering to look into public records, and she was able to see that he purchased a house with a woman in 2020 with the same last name as him. When you search the other name on the house, it is clear that it is not his sister," CP told BuzzFeed.

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Though many in the comments predicted that the guy was secretly married, CP was still shocked. "He'd talk to me on the phone for hours in front of his children, who are all in high school and college, so him being married or living with another woman seemed unlikely to me at the time because why would someone do that in front of their two children?" CP told BuzzFeed.

CP said the guy texted her days later, writing, "I owe you an apology. My issues aren't yours and while it was relatively urgent that was some f*ckboi sh*t you didn't deserve. Wishing you all the best."

"I owe you an apology. My issues aren't yours and while it was relatively urgent that was some fuckboi shit you didn't deserve. Wishing you all the best."

CP responded: "Was the urgent situation that your wife told you get your ass back home?"


When asked what advice she would give to women in similar situations, CP said: "Basically, make sure that you're in a position to have an easy escape plan. If it was an Airbnb and we were completely secluded, that would seem like a bad idea, but a public hotel felt much safer."

You can keep up with CP and any further updates on this story on TikTok.

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