Woman Cries Tears of Joy After Meeting Pig for the First Time

Rava, a Brooklyn resident, couldn’t contain her happiness when she met a pig for the first time in North Carolina.

Rava’s boyfriend Mike explained to Storyful: "My wonderful and charming girlfriend Rava is obsessed with pigs. She has a pig purse and her Instagram feed is almost all baby pig pictures. If you couldn’t guess, she’s also a vegan. We were driving around North Carolina on vacation together, just randomly traveling, when we saw a sign that said “Bonnie Lou the pig lives here.” We pulled over and met two people who lived in the house with a pet pig.’

“They said their “visiting hours were closed”, but that Bonnie Lou was actually right over on the porch and we could say hi. Rava hopped up on the porch and saw Bonnie Lou getting a belly scratch. Soon, Bonnie Lou would join us in the yard, doing tricks for us, and we have a picture for our scrapbook." Credit: Mike Faley via Storyful