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Woman confounded by best friend’s surprise wedding date issue: ‘She thinks it’s a bad idea’

A woman isn’t sure if she should move her wedding date to accommodate her best friend.

She asked Reddit’s “Wedding” forum for advice. She and her best friend discussed getting married around the same time. But when it became clearer that it might actually happen, her best friend started to have second thoughts.

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“My best friend of 21 years and I are both in long-term relationships and we have dreamt and talked about our weddings together forever. We have always planned on having each other as the maid of honor,” she wrote.

Last year, the friends started to talk about wedding dates (neither were engaged at the time). They both felt like the fall of 2024 would be ideal.

“She happened to get engaged recently & picked her date in September of 24 and my SO and I have discussed dates and weddings a lot & have gone and picked out a ring together. He wants to propose but hasn’t yet. I still want to shoot for October of 2024 but now that she’s actually engaged and planning for real, she told me she thinks it’s a bad idea for me to plan to get married so close to the date she picked,” she said.

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The problem is her friend thinks it will be too hectic if they get married a month apart. However, the Reddit poster is annoyed because they’ve been planning this for almost a year.

People didn’t think either party was totally wrong here.

“She’s not wrong, it will probably be very stressful for both you and her,” a person wrote.

“You can pick whatever date you want,” another said.

“You should absolutely chose the date you want. However, there are realities to consider when planning an event so close to your best friends,” a user added.

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