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Woman communicates with ex through Spotify playlist: ‘I’d take him back immediately’

What happens if your ex blocks you on virtually all social media platforms? You resort to Spotify.

Connor Steinbeck (@missconnorrose) has been communicating with her ex-boyfriend through Spotify. Basically, they converse through song titles.

“So when my ex and I broke up last March, we didn’t have any contact. I blocked him on everything, so he got a little creative and started communicating with me through Spotify,” she says. “He made me this playlist and shared it with me so we could both add songs. But when we broke up, it became our breakup playlist, and it became our only form of communication.”

Connor began by adding a song she likes: “My Girl” by The Temptations.

“And he said, ‘I’d Like That’ by Tyne, and then I added this song by Quinn [XCII], ‘Right Where You Should Be,’ and he said, ‘Around You.'”

In another instance, Connor adds “I’ll Still Have Me” by Cyn, to which her ex responds, “What About Me” by Lil Wayne featuring Post Malone.

As their playlist grows, Connor and her ex continue to communicate through song titles like “I Think I Love You Again” by Aaron Taylor, “Love You From a Distance” by Ashley Kutcher and “Take What I Can Get” by RuthAnne.

“So extra, I hate it,” Connor says. “And then he said ‘Killing Me,’ ‘Can We,’ ‘Get Together.’ And I said, ‘If the World Was Ending.'”

“This is a modern day telenovela I’m so here for it.”

Commenters are living for Connor’s video and urge her to rekindle things with her ex.

“this is literally the definition of if he wanted to he would,” someone wrote.

“I’d take him back immediately this is goals,” a user said.

“This is a modern day telenovela I’m so here for it. Thank you for sharing,” another said.

While Connor’s reason for blocking her ex remains unknown, communicating via playlists seems to be an effective and creative way to articulate your feelings (or lack thereof).

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