'I couldn't breathe': Shopper collapses over argument over supermarket trolley

A woman claims she’s had to be hospitalised after a confrontation over a supermarket shopping trolley.

Honey Grace Campbell told Stuff, New Zealand she’s had an agreement with the managers of Fresh Choice in Dunedin on New Zealand’s South Island for six years.

Part of that agreement is she can take a trolley home with her when she buys her groceries as she doesn’t drive. She can then return it.

Her home is 200 metres away.

But Ms Campbell claims on Friday she had a dispute with the supermarket’s co-owner Julie Moyle as she was wheeling the trolley home.

A woman pushing a shopping trolley in a supermarket. Honey Campbell, from Dunedin, claims she suffered a panic attack after being accused of stealing a shopping trolley. She's now in hospital.

Ms Campbell told the publication Ms Moyle accused her of theft leading to a dispute.

"I couldn't breathe, and panicked,” she told Stuff.

The mum of three claims she suffered a panic attack and an ambulance was called as she returned home.

She’s currently recovering in hospital.

Ms Moyle’s husband Jim visited Ms Campbell in hospital on Monday and brought flowers.

He said the incident came down to a misunderstanding.

Ms Campbell has accepted his apology.

Ms Moyle said she felt “horrific” about the incident.

The Moyles have been contacted for comment.

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