Woman caught shaving legs in drinking fountain

A woman has been caught on camera shaving her legs in a public drinking fountain.

The woman was grooming herself in a Spanish park called Parque de Malaga, in Malaga, at around midday on Wednesday. 

Unaware she is being filmed, she hoists her left leg onto the sink of the marble drinking fountain where she appears to lather up her skin and proceeds to shave her leg.

At one point, she turns around and appears to see people gawking at her public pampering, but simply continues shaving, carefully removing hair from both sides of her leg.

The outrageous footage was captured by a British tourist who was shocked to see the woman’s shame-free public shave.

According to eye witness Jason Wills, moments after the woman stopped shaving, he spotted people drinking from the water fountain. Source: The Sun

Jason Wills said that he was resting in the park near the water fountain, when he saw the woman shaving her legs into the sink.

It was disgusting. I wasn’t in the quietest part of the park, more like the main path walking through it,” Mr Wills told the Sun Online.

“I didn’t get my camera out in time but she actually cut herself and was washing the blood into the fountain.” 

However, the most disturbing part was soon to follow.

“Soon after she’d finished, people were drinking from the fountain, due to the language barrier I couldn’t stop them,” he said. 

The news comes just weeks after a woman was filmed shaving her legs at a Queensland public pool.

In July, footage of a woman shaving at the Airlie beach lagoon sparked fierce debate about the appropriateness of grooming in public.