Woman calls police after being refused McDonald’s breakfast

A woman has confused an empty stomach with an emergency after she called police because McDonald’s refused to serve her breakfast.

The woman missed the 11am cut off for the breakfast menu after she was caught up in a long drive-thru queue and when she was told by staff they had stopped serving items from the breakfast menu, the customer became so upset that she called the police to complain about how “unfair” it was.

UK police posted the incident on social media, using it as an example of what not to call emergency services for.

Woman calls police after McDonald's refused to serve her breakfast because she arrived after 11am.
A woman has called police after McDonald's refused to serve her breakfast. Source: Getty

Mid Sussex Neighbourhood Policing Inspector Darren Taylor tweeted: “A call at 11:30 this morning from an angry lady who stated that due to the queue at the McDonalds drive thru in EG, by the time she got to the window the breakfast service had stopped and she couldn’t order a breakfast.

“The lady was given words of advice about ringing the police.”

Woman mocked on social media over McDonald’s call

The woman quickly became the butt of social media jokes with many using the situation to make good use of puns.

“Did you give her a frying?” one person joked.

“Bet she was hashed off, “ another user wrote.

“Is this her first time or is she a cereal offender?” another person replied.

“I knew there would be no need to egg you on with the puns,” Inspector Taylor responded.

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