Woman calls out Aussie clothing label after 'extremely disgraceful' store act

A Melbourne make-up artist has hit out at an Australian clothing label saying something "needs to be done" about how they treat women after a recent visit left her fuming.

Adelle Petropoulos was shopping at a Kookai store in Victoria on Saturday, but says her experience there highlighted "a massive problem" in the fashion industry.

Ms Petropoulos detailed her upsetting experience on TikTok and revealed the clothing brand has since been in contact with her.

She popped into the store "on a whim" and decided to try on a few things but was shocked by a staff member's "extremely disgraceful" attitude about her body.

Adelle Petropoulos Kookai complaint in TikTok video
The Melbourne woman shared her disappointing Kookai experience in a series of clips on TikTok. Source: TikTok

"I wouldn't necessarily say I'm skinny, [but] I wouldn't necessarily say I'm on the larger side," she said.

"When I asked [the staff member] for the larger size in the dress that I was wanting she looked me up and down and literally said 'doll we don't stock any larger sizes'."

The woman explained that she's typically a size 8 on the top and 12 on the bottom, but said "nothing in the store fit me".

Instead of "roasting" the sales assistant for the comment, the Melbourne woman asked for the manager instead, but claims she got the same treatment from her.

"When I asked for the manager, she proceeded to go 'well, I can recommend a couple of stores that stock larger sizes for larger girls'. Is she for real?" Ms Petropoulos said.

While she understands the "sizing issue is a company thing" and that staff "can't do anything about that", Ms Petropoulos said managers "can control staff members' attitude to larger women."

"I found this attitude extremely disgraceful," she continued in a video on TikTok.

"I'll never shop there again," she added.

Kookai apologises for 'disappointing' experience

In a follow-up video, the make-up artist revealed a message she'd received on Instagram from a Kookai employee about how she was treated in-store.

The woman said it was "really disappointing" to see how Ms Petropoulos had been treated and vowed to look into it further.

"Our customers' experience in-store is incredibly important to us and it's disheartening to hear about your visit and interaction with our staff," the message read.

The store in question said they will "investigate" and take "appropriate action".

Dozens more slam clothing store

Ms Petropoulos says she hopes Kookai takes on board the criticism they've received because hers is "not a one-off experience".

Instagram message from clothing store Kookai
A Kookai employee contacted the Melbourne woman to apologise for her bad experience. Source: TikTok/Kookai

Dozens of women took to the comments and shared their own upsetting experiences, with many claiming they were also made to feel uncomfortable.

"I'm a 6-8 so fit their clothes, they've still made comments about my weight and once said 'oh wow it fits! That's surprising' so I don't shop there," one person wrote.

Another size 8 woman said she has "never felt comfortable shopping there", while others said they just "walk right past" and don't bother going in.

"Absolute joke that they classify a 12 as a large size," someone else said.

Yahoo News Australia had reached out to Kookai for comment.

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