Woman buys home from Gold Star Family, discovers girls’ emotional notes left all around house

This woman and her family recently purchased a house from a Gold Star Family and found emotional notes written by the previous owners’ little girls all over the house!

Sophie (@flying_archaeologist) is a TikToker, college student, and aspiring archaeologist whose family recently purchased a new house. The house was originally owned by a Gold Star Family (a family who lost a loved one in the course of military service) and when Sophie’s family moved in, they found an emotional surprise waiting for them. The young girls in the Gold Star Family left notes all around the house commemorating their father, that future tenants could find and read.

The video begins with a shot of Sophie staring at the camera with tears in her eyes. She looks away and covers her mouth, clearly overwhelmed by emotion. “My family just bought a house from a Gold Star Family and his little girls left these notes for us,” she explains in a caption.

Then the video cuts to the kitchen where a stove is surrounded by shining marble counters. Sophie zooms in on the stove, where a purple sticky note has been pasted next to the clock. “My dad loved to bake,” the note reads.

Then, Sophie enters the hallway where a coat rack is adorned with another note. Again, Sophie zooms in on the note which reads, “Our dad built all this too.”

Sophie finds another note pasted to the wall of a bedroom, beside a gold wall sconce. When she approaches, she finds that the note reads, “My dad slept here.”

“I’m posting this to honor those who never came back and the people that loved them,” Sophie writes in a caption.

Viewers were extremely moved by Sophie’s emotional video.

“This is the first time I’ve ever seen anyone talk about Gold Star Families online. Eight years this month for us,” one viewer wrote.

“Do them proud and make that home warm and full of love,” another viewer commented.

“Painting gold stars where the notes were would be a really pretty way to preserve the memory in a more permanent way than sticky notes,” suggested another TikToker.

In another comment, Sophie revealed that her family does, indeed, have plans to pay tribute to the Gold Star Family that lived in the house before them. “We are putting a plaque and tree in the yard when spring comes,” she writes. “My dad is a 28-year veteran and this house with their memories feels like the right place.”

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