Man busted 'fat shaming' woman on flight in TikTok video

A woman has shared the horrifying moment she caught the passenger next to her fat-shaming her in a series of texts.

Landen Ewing, 23, posted a TikTok video about a flight from Nashville, in the US, where she noticed the man seated next to her texting his girlfriend.

"He has his phone out. Like, way out in front of him where I can see it,” she says.

Ms Ewing shared a photo she took of the man’s phone screen in which he complains to his girlfriend about the flight.

When asked how the flight was, he man's response shocked her.

"He said, 'Too small with this fat a** next to me,'" Ms Ewing says.

"He was talking about me."

Landen Ewing, 23, is pictured along with a man texting on a phone.
Landen Ewing, 23, was shocked a man was seemingly complaining about her being fat on a flight as they sat next to each other. Source: TikTok/ Landen Ewing

Ms Ewing was the only other person seated next to the man.

The girlfriend texts him back suggesting he tell Ms Ewing “about keto” – presumably the keto diet.

She claims he texted her back saying: “I’ll be alright. Don’t think we’ll make it off the ground”.

Ms Ewing said the man continued to complain to his girlfriend about her weight and “how he hates being on small flights with fat people”.

“So, if you’re his wife or girlfriend and see this – your boyfriend sucks,” she says.

Fat-shaming is no joke

While most people viewing the video called Ms Ewing “hot” and suggested the man was lying to his girlfriend because he actually found her attractive, fat shaming is a serious problem people face.

According to Health and Wellbeing Queensland, the stigma can have a “devastating effect” on people’s mental and physical health “​​independent of their body weight”.

“Evidence tells us it can cause an increase in depression, anxiety, social isolation and stress,” Health and Wellbeing Queensland says.

“Most troubling, around half of children with excess weight and obesity are exposed to teasing and bullying at school and will experience many of the harmful impacts of stigma, including lower educational outcomes and poorer life opportunities.

“It should come as no surprise that shaming does not motivate people to lose weight, but it can instead have the unintended effect of driving us to eat more and avoiding physical activity.

“Communities where excess weight and obesity is blamed on the choices of individuals, where labels such as ‘lazy’ and ‘lacking in self-control’ are common, are more likely to breed stigma.

“By contrast, there is less stigma in communities that appreciate the complex range of factors contributing to obesity.”

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