Woman tried to smuggle drugs into jail

Christine Flatley

A woman's attempt to smuggle cannabis into a prison was thwarted when guards decoded the request for drugs that her incarcerated boyfriend made using Pig Latin.

Brisbane District Court heard on Tuesday that Jermaine Grace Fitzgerald was caught at the Woodford Correctional Centre on December 24, 2015, with one gram of cannabis hidden in a balloon in her vagina.

She was attempting to smuggle the drugs in to the jail at the request of her boyfriend.

The court heard her boyfriend first used a monitored prison phone to ask for the drugs in Pig Latin, a language game popular with children where the first consonant of a word is moved to the end and the suffix 'ay' is added.

She initially refused but he asked again the following day, this time asking her to "bring a Christmas tree on Christmas Eve".

Fitzgerald pleaded guilty to one count each of supplying and possessing a dangerous drug.

The court heard the relationship between Fitzgerald and her boyfriend had since deteriorated, and that she was studying on the Gold Coast to be a nurse.

Judge Terry Martin said she had taken an "enormous risk" trying to smuggle the drugs into the jail, and sentenced her to a six-month wholly suspended prison term.