Woman busted applying for job on lunch break after appearing on local news

A woman who spent her lunch break secretly applying for a new job has gone viral after she was busted on television.

Ja’Naea Modest, from the US state of Illinois, was on her break as a driver for a charity organisation when she decided to visit a job fair.

The 33-year-old, who had not told her workplace that she was looking for work, was asked to fill out an application and was so focused she did not notice she was being filmed.

Ja’naea Modest was busted applying for a new job while on her lunch break. Source: Facebook/Ja’Naea Modest

“I thought nothing of it,” Ms Modest told Insider.

“I came back, changed my clothes, and continued on with my day.”

But that night, the jobseeker’s friends and family spotted her on television filling out an application at the fair.

Figuring the cat was out of the bag, Ms Modest uploaded an image of the news report to her Facebook page.

“So I didn’t want my current job to know I was looking for another job,” she captioned the post.

So I didn't want My current job to know I was looking for another job. why the damn news filmed me at the job fair. Smh

Posted by Ja'Naea Modest on Friday, August 3, 2018

“Why the damn news filmed me at the job fair [sic].”

Since posting the image on Saturday, it has gone viral online – gaining close to 50,000 shares worldwide.

Ms Modest said her co-workers had seen the news but her supervisors were yet to speak to her about it.

According to Insider, she was hopeful the newfound fame would open doors to a new career.