Woman bitten by ferret in bizarre wake up call at Gosford Hospital

Kamilia Palu

A patient at Gosford Hospital on the Central Coast had a rude wake up call when a ferret snuck into her room and bit her hand – only letting go when security guards pried the animal off.

The 41-year-old Wyong woman was supposed to be discharged on the day of the ferret’s visit but, after suffering a bleeding hand, she was made to stay an extra 24 hours.

The patient was being treated at Gosford Hospital at the time of the intrusion. Photo 7News

Central Coast Local Health District confirmed that the ferret did indeed sneak into the patient’s room around 5:30am on November 13 last year.

A spokesperson told the Daily Mail the woman received a tetanus injection as a precaution.

The ferret, similar to the once pictured here, was relocated to safer grounds by security guards. Photo: Reuters

Security guards took several minutes to remove the wild animal and relocated the furry critter elsewhere on the hospital grounds.

The patient’s room was located on the ground floor of the hospital, which is surrounded by bush land.

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