'It's a family area': Woman criticises Bali tourist over 'unacceptable' bikini

A photo of a woman wearing a G-string bikini in a Bali shop has sparked debate after it was shared online.

“I'm amazed that Pepito Umalas [in Kuta], a family residential area allowed this shopper into the store?” a member of a Bali Facebook group wrote along with the image of the bikini-clad woman, presumably a tourist.

“And that this person thinks its acceptable!!! Shame on both of you!!! (sic)”

A photo of a woman wearing the small bikini in a convenience store in Bali.
This photo of woman wearing a bikini in Bali, which has been shared on Facebook, has sparked debate online. Source: Facebook

The woman who shared the photo added the “front parts” were more revealing than the back.

Some people argued the bikini was offensive to the Balinese people.

“No respect for the Balinese who are respectful and modest,” one Facebook user said.

“We are in Indonesia and as a reminder it is a Muslim country. And as for Bali, I don’t see any Hinduism lady dressing like this. So yes, I think it’s just disrespectful. No need to be an expat to respect the Balinese or Indonesian people. Could she walk like this in Jakarta without being arrested?” another person asked.

But others turned their attention to the woman who posted image, with one Facebook user saying: “I get the point about respecting cultures but there’s also respect for other people and taking a photo of someone and posting it online seeking to publicly shame the person... lacks respect.”

“Not your business (literally). If business owner would not allow her in the shop that is her or his decision,” another wrote.

Bali, which is popular among tourists, is known for its beaches and some people argued the G-string bikini would offend the locals. Pictured is a stock image of people lying on the beach.
Bali, which is popular among tourists, is known for its beaches and some people argue the tiny bikini would offend the locals. Source: Getty Images

Meanwhile a man said if it was his daughter or girlfriend he would suggest a sarong and argued the woman had every right to share the photo to Facebook.

“If you are anywhere in public you lose the right to not have pic taken and published. Illegal to photo kids and post without parental permission but not adults. If concerned about pics posted online then wear sarong (sic),” he said.

At the time of publication, the photo had garnered more than 300 reactions on Facebook and almost 500 comments.

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