Heartbroken woman shares distressing story from horse saleyards

WARNING - DISTRESSING CONTENT: A woman is appealing for help to save horses she claims are going to be killed and turned into dog meat.

Mikaela Smith claims she visited sale yards in Victoria on Saturday to pick up a horse for her friend.

Ms Smith wrote she got a “glimpse of reality”.

“Arriving at the sales, we were both extremely nervous and excited,” Ms SMith wrote.

“We found the horse she purchased and checked him out, as I looked up I saw over 50 horses all penned up together, naturally I went over there knowing this wasn’t good,” she wrote.

“A truck pulled up and I knew that was the end for them. I instantly had tears in my eyes. Nat and I quickly scoped all the horses out trying to come up with some grand plan to save them all.”

A woman claims a number of horses sold at saleyards in Victoria on Saturday are to be killed for pet food. Source: Facebook/ Mikaela Smith

Ms Smith said any horses which aren’t sold at the yard or rescued often end up being killed and turned into dog meat.

“Among the depressed, neglected horses with swollen legs, protruding bones and bad hooves are young, beautiful thoroughbreds and yearlings who were not good enough,” she wrote.

“Distressed and frightened, the whites of their eyes rolling, neither well-fed nor cared for, the horses sense that something is very wrong.

“They know it is the end of the line, I have never heard horses neigh in such pain, scared. Some of the horses comfort each other, others step forward with trust in their huge liquid eyes as the ‘man’ comes to them, shouting, and hitting them with an orange stick.”

Mikaela Smith said the sight of the horses, possibly facing death, broke her heart. Source: Facebook/ Mikaela Smith

She added “it is deeply upsetting” seeing the trucks leave packed with horses allegedly headed for the knackery.

“They communicate with each other, they suffer, they quiver, they shake, they mourn,” she wrote.

“They will be rounded up and taken one by one into the killing box where they will be shot in front of each other. How do I know this? Well, ‘the man’ told me to my face.”

Ms Smith says any horses not claimed by Wednesday will be killed.

“My heart honestly breaks,” she wrote.

‘Unpalatable situation’

Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses campaign director Elio Celotto told Yahoo News Australia it’s common practice for many racehorses to end up at abattoirs or knackeries.

“It’s horrendous,” Mr Celotto said.

“Each and every week about 70 to 100 racehorses are killed – a lot of them are from sale yards.

“These horses are predominately standard or thoroughbred retired racehorses. Many of them are weak psychologically and physically.”

Mr Celotto added the group have been pushing for a proper retirement plan for racehorses.

“It’s an unpalatable situation,” he said.

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