Woman accidentally smothers baby as she dies in her sleep

A woman has accidentally smothered her baby, as she died in her sleep from a suspected drug overdose.

Holly Whitley, 31, died from a methamphetamine toxicity, in Georgia, US. Her body came to rest on top of her 8-month-old son, suffocating him.

The two bodies were found on July 17 by authorities and the woman’s 2-year-old daughter was found unharmed in the home

Authorities were called to the residence after a family member said that she was unable to reach Ms Whitley, the New York Post reported.

“In layman’s terms,” Cherokee County Sheriff’s spokesman Jay Baker said on Friday in a statement, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported.

Mum Holly Whitley and baby (pictured). Source: GoFundMe

“Ms Whitley died from a lethal amount of methamphetamine in her system.

“Her body came to rest on top of her infant, which caused the child to smother, leading to his death.”

The woman’s cause of death was methamphetamine toxicity and the infant died from mechanical asphyxia.

A GoFundMe page for the woman’s fiancé Mario and daughter Ava has raised over $6,000.

The 8-month-old baby (pictured) was smothered. Source: CBS46