Woman, 60, suffers tragic death after getting stuck in cupboard

A woman has died after she got trapped in an airing cupboard that had a faulty and broken doorknob.

It is believed Elizabeth Mary Isherwood, 60, was trapped in the cupboard, scratching at the door and hammering at the plaster to try to escape for days in September last year, the Metro reported.

An airing cupboard is commonly used as a room in UK homes to dry clothes.

The woman was staying in a timeshare apartment, named Plas Talgarth in south Wales, and her son Craig, 32, told the Express and Star Ms Isherwood’s family are “absolutely devastated” by her death.

She had been staying by herself.

A 60-year-old woman has died after getting stuck in an airing cupboard in her timeshare apartment (pictured). File pic. Source: Google

Mr Isherwood added his mother was “sporty, fit, healthy” and if “anyone could have got out of that cupboard it would have been Mum”.

She likely died when she ripped through the shelving and exposed piping to try and break free leading to cold water pouring in and giving her hypothermia, a coroner’s report found.

It is also likely she died in a matter of hours.


But pathologist Dr Brian Rodgers believes she may have died after a few days due to a number holes in the walls.

He added her death by hypothermia was caused by the fact she was naked and sprayed with cold water.

Neighbours heard thuds but it was not until water poured through to the apartment building below Ms Isherwood’s that they called a maintenance worker who found her body.