Woman, 29, earning $120,000 slammed for revealing the 'sacrifices' she's made to save for a flat

A high-earning Australian has been lambasted online for revealing the sacrifices she has made to save for her first home, despite earning a rosy $120,000 a year.

Kate Donovan, 29, who now lives in London, featured in the ‘Our Money’ series for British newspaper i News, where she revealed she was forced to cut back on expenses in order to buy a two-bedroom apartment.

Ms Donovan, a project manager at a construction company, gave a detailed list of her expenditure, which includes a monthly budget of $660 for holidays and $925 leftover for whatever she likes.

“The one thing I do spend money on is weekend trips abroad,” she admitted in the article titled ‘How I Live On a £69,500 salary while saving to buy a two-bedroom flat’.

Australian Kate Donovan has been slammed online for revealing her finances to show how she’s saving for her first home. Source: i News

From her $7082 net salary per month, she now puts away $2650 at a “stretch”, after she decided her original savings of $1415 wasn’t enough.

That meant she was forced to cancel her $265 per month gym membership and move into a cheaper share house.

Her budgeting became so extreme she says her $140 per week food budget would only allow her to “occasionally eat meat on weekends”, albeit she had an additional $176 budget for eating out every seven days.

“I order less when I’m out now – in the pub I’ll have two drinks and then drink water, and on a day out I’ll get food from a street market rather than pay for a pub lunch, which means I pay $12 rather than $28,” she explained.

But her budget breakdown didn’t go down well on social media, and the University of Queensland graduate soon faced the wrath of Twitter users who urged her to “get real”.

“Kate Donovan get real £70k lady you’re having a laugh you should say thank god for your blessing instead of moaning,” one irate user said.

“‘I’ve seen homeless people sleeping rough… you moan about gym membership some people don’t know where the next meal is coming from.”

“Gosh it must be so hard living on a salary of £69k!” another sarcastically joked.

“For real, £69k!!! £80 a week on food?! I spend that a month on food and the poor thing can only spend £100 a week going out to eat now – jeez, real world anyone?!?!” one user complained.

Another joined the discussion saying: “Her ‘left overs’ for a week is more than I have to live on!”

Journalist Rebecca Jones, who wrote the piece, took to Twitter in an attempt to defuse the growing anger online.

“It seems my latest installment of ‘How I live On’ is causing a storm as the subject earns £69k,” she wrote.

“Her earnings are indeed well above average, however the reality of the housing market in London means that she needs to save around £60,000 for a deposit on a one or two bedroom flat.”