'Obsessive' co-worker accused of fatally stabbing woman after she rejected him

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A man has been arrested and accused of murdering his co-worker after she would not date him.

Agustin Lucas Mariani, 20, is facing murder charges after he allegedly stabbed Delfina Pan, 28, to death at her apartment in Miami last Monday about 6.30pm (local time), NBC 6 South Florida reported.

The pair were co-workers at Kansas Bar & Grill and Ms Pan, an Argentinian national, turned down Mariani’s advances.

On Monday, Ms Pan departed the restaurant and Mariani also left a short time afterwards during his bartending shift.

Delfina Pan, 28, is pictured.
Delfina Pan, 28, was allegedly murdered by an obsessed co-worker. Source: Telemundo 51 Miami

He went to her home but she refused to speak with him. It’s alleged he then stabbed her.

Neighbours told news site Clarin they heard Ms Pan yell out “help me” in Spanish.

Mariani also suffered injuries which were believed to be self-inflicted. Both he and Ms Pan were transferred to hospital, but she died.

A knife at the bar was also missing and matched the one used in the stabbing, NBC 6 reported, citing an arrest report.

Video captured on a phone shows Agustin Lucas Mariani, 20, being carried on a stretcher.
Agustin Lucas Mariani, 20, is taken away from the scene in a stretcher. Source: Local 10

Accused killer was 'obsessed' with victim

According to Ms Pan’s brother, who spoke to NBC 6, Mariani was obsessed.

This was supported by one of her friends who told Argentinian TV station El Trece “he called her constantly”.

“He didn't leave her alone. He harassed her, followed her, wanted to be with her at all costs,” they told El Trece.

A co-worker told news site Clarin the “harassment” started three months ago, while a friend also told Todo Noticias Ms Pan was scared of Mariani.

Agustin Lucas Mariani, 20, and Delfina Pan, 28, are both pictured in separate photos.
Friends said Mariani had been obsessed with Ms Pan for about three months. Source: Clarion/ Telenoche

Ms Pan’s brother told La Nacion Mariani asked Ms Pan to go to New York with him on Tuesday, but she said no. That is when he allegedly attacked her.

The brother, who has not been named, has flown from Argentina to Miami to assist with the investigation, La Nacion reported.

The 28-year-old’s dad, José María Pan, paid tribute to his daughter on Facebook.

“What a short life, my queen, only 28,” he wrote.

“A tender woman, a great person, a very deep mark where you have walked. Impossible to forget... 'Why?': That's how I wonder. Life has denied me your talks, your laughter, your joys and your unmistakable way of being.”

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