Woman, 24, adopted by family after text asking for a mum

After “ageing out” of the foster care system at 18, Shay Roberson had almost lost hope of having a family until her former school guidance police officer heeded the woman’s text message begging for a mum.

Indiana’s Ms Roberson, 24, and her two sisters entered the child welfare system in 2005.

She was 11 years old when she started to bounce from foster home to foster home, sometimes living with her relatives.

At times the siblings would return to their mother’s care, but her addiction to cocaine ensured the family of five siblings would re-enter the child welfare system.

Shay Roberson with her forever family after the 24-year-old was adopted by her former school resource officer. Source: Shay Roberson / Facebook

According to the IndyStar, Ms Roberson’s siblings were adopted by a relative, but she was not.

For years, the only constant in her life was school resource police officer Ginnie Wing who met the student when she was in the sixth grade.

Ms Wing and school counselor Anna Coyne became surrogate mothers to the teenager.

The two women threw the young woman a graduation party and even helped her move into her university dorm.

Over time, Ms Wing visited during the university’s family weekends and Ms Roberson joined the Wings for holidays.

Shay Roberson celebrated her 2013 high school graduation with School resource police officer Ginnie Wing, who is now the woman’s adoptive mother. Source: Ginnie Wing / Facebook

About a year ago, while talking on the phone, Ms Wing made an offhand comment to Ms Robertson: “We should have just adopted you.”

Eventually, Ms Robertson worked up the courage to text Ms Wing.

“Can you think about adopting me one day?” she wrote, knowing she would not be able to ask the question out loud.

“I really want a mum.”

Ms Wing asked her family what they thought about the adoption and her children said it was “about time”. 

“She’s ours and we’re hers. And we wanted that to become official,” Ms Wing said.

Ms Roberson became Shay Roberson-Wing on April 20.

For this family, to accept me as their daughter and sister literally fills my heart. Never thought the police officer at my school would become my mom. Never thought I would be adopted at 24,” Ms Robertson-Wing wrote on Facebook.

Forever thankful for the Wing Family and their ability to help me trust and love again without putting my wall up.”

Her new father, Matt Wing – a sergeant with the Brownsburg Police Department who has three biological children with his wife, described Ms Roberson as “hard not to love”.

“It’s clear that she’s an amazing person that just has a light about her that lights up a room when she walks in,” he said.