Withdrawn Rescue Dog Comes out of His Shell After Only a Week

Finlay, a rescue dog from Romania, described as “terrified” and withdrawn when he was first brought to the UK, has been transformed into a cheeky chappy after just one week with a foster carer.

Speaking of when she first met him, Lynsey Hewitson, who runs the charity that rescued Finlay, said he was “simply terrified and shut down, he just sat in a corner shaking trying to avoid any eye contact”.

The dog in the follow up video could hardly be more different as he wags his tail and plays with a new toy in what looks like a warm family home.

Hinting that this fostering arrangement might turn permanent, Ms Hewitson added: "His foster mum has done amazingly well, she hasn’t pushed him or given up on him after a few days like many people sadly do.

“(We also think she may have failed miserably at fostering  ).” Credit: Stray to Safety via Storyful