Winter expected to be warm, dry

Benita Kolovos

Most of Australia can expect a mild and dry winter, the Bureau of Meteorology says.

The bureau's climate outlook for June to August, released on Thursday, predicts winter days and nights are likely to be warmer-than-average for most of the country.

Only far north Queensland and the Northern Territory are expected to experience average maximum temperatures in the high 20's during the three months - which is anything but wintry.

The winter outlook follows what the bureau says was one of Australia's warmest autumns on record and its second-warmest summer on record.

Southern mainland Australia also had one of its driest autumns on record, with dry conditions expected to continue.

Chances of a dry June are greater than 80 per cent for northern Victoria, southern and western NSW and most of SA, while WA's Gascoyne region and southern Queensland are also likely to be drier than average.

But plenty of rain is tipped to drench Tasmania, particularly in the east.

Bureau climatologist Jonathan Pollock said snowfall would be difficult to predict over the three-month time frame, but he expects a later-than-normal start to the season.

"However, when (El-Nino-Southern Oscillation) and (the Indian Ocean Dipole) are neutral we have historically seen deeper-than-average snow cover by mid-season," he said in a statement.