WINTER BITES: Chilly conditions set to sweep southeast Australia

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Some people might want to keep the heater out just a little bit longer, as a cold front moves across Australia over the coming days.

While most of Australia has been enjoying some pleasant weather for the tail end of winter, the mercury will begin to drop in several states over the course of the next few days.

Melody Sturm, a meteorologist from the Bureau of Meteorology told Yahoo News Australia while freezing temperatures are not on the cards, it's too early to ditch the warm blankets. 

"Unfortunately, you might have to bring the heater back, but it all depends on the person because it will be cooler than usual," she said.

Sydney weather set to cool.
A cold front is moving from west to east over the coming days, with parts of the country seeing a drop in temperatures. Source: AAP

The cold front which is currently lingering around Western Australia will reach Sydney around Monday.

"That whole cold trend will move from west to east," Ms Sturm said. 

"So it will start in Western Australia, and go into South Australia and also affect Northern Territory, and then slowly going to Victoria, NSW and parts of Queensland."

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Cold and rainy weather for Sydney lockdown

Sydney can expect the temperature to gradually creep up and then reach a maximum of 26 degrees on Monday, before dropping to a maximum of 17 degrees on Tuesday.

The BoM forecasts the temperatures in Sydney will remain below 20 degrees until Friday, according to the seven-day forecast.

Monday and Tuesday could see rain, mostly cloudy on Wednesday before the wet returns for Thursday and Friday.

The gloomy weather can also be expected in most of the state, with the northeast the only part of NSW likely to avoid the downpour.

Ms Sturm warned there are chances of gusty thunderstorms and advises people keep an eye out for any weather warnings the BoM puts out.

"It could be good for thunderstorms definitely on the passage of a cold front," she said.

"It could also become a bit gusty just ahead of it [the cold front], so windy conditions definitely will pick up."

Temperatures could be up to five degrees cooler than usual on Tuesday, Ms Sturm said, which could feel like quite the difference considering the weather has been warmer than usual this weekend.

Ms Sturm said it has been around five to 10 degrees warmed than average and the cold front could be a shock to the system.

"It will be very noticeable because now we're dealing with quite a long period of warmer than usual temperatures, and also the last few weeks it's been not-so-dramatic weatherwise, mostly benign or calming conditions."

A cold front will move from Western Australia, across most of the country, concentrated in the south. Source:
A cold front will move from Western Australia, across most of the country, concentrated in the south. Source:

Cool conditions set in across capitals

Canberra, which is also stuck in lockdown, could see temperatures drop to 11 degrees on Tuesday, with showers on both Monday and Tuesday.

When the cold front sets in for Melbourne, temperatures are expected to drop from 21 degrees on Sunday to 15 degrees on Monday, with Tuesday having a top of just 13 degrees.

Showers are also forecast from Monday right through to Wednesday in Victoria's capital, with the entire state now confined to lockdown since 1pm Sunday.

Strong wind warnings have been issued for the West Coast and Central Coast in Victoria on Saturday and Port Phillip, West Coast and Central Coast on Sunday.

Victoria will also see a drop in temperature as the cold front moves across Australia. Source: AAP, file
Victoria will also see a drop in temperature as the cold front moves across Australia. Source: AAP, file

Adelaide meanwhile should brace for the cold on Monday, as it drops from 22 degrees on Sunday to just 13 on Monday, with showers expected Sunday through to Wednesday.

A strong wind warning has been issued for South Australia in the Far West Coast, Upper West Coast, Lower West Coast, Central Coast, South Central Coast, Spencer Gulf and Lower South East Coast regions.

With the cold front starting in Western Australia, before seeping into other parts of the country, Perth will see temperatures bounce back above 20 while Sydney deals with the cold front.

Tuesday will bring 21 degrees in Perth, while Wednesday could see the temperature rise to 25 degrees with possible showers, before dropping back to 18 degrees on Friday.

On Saturday, the BoM issued a gale warning for Leeuwin Coast, Albany Coast and Esperance Coast and a strong wind warning for Ningaloo Coast and Bunbury Geographe Coast on both Saturday and Sunday.

Meanwhile, Brisbane will have a warm start to the week with temperatures in the mid-20s, then dropping to the low 20s towards the end of the week.

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