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Winn.AI launches out of stealth with an AI assistant for sales calls

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Conventionally, salespeople are responsible for juggling tasks like following a playbook, capturing responses, building rapport and updating a customer relationship management (CRM) system during sales calls. As these tend to be repetitive and time-consuming, tedium can quickly set in. The average salesperson spends more than five hours a week updating CRM records, according to a Dooly survey.

In search of a solution, sales tech entrepreneur Eldad Postan-Koren and cybersecurity practitioner Bar Haleva co-created Winn.AI, an AI-powered assistant designed to help sales teams automatically track, capture and update CRM entries. Winn.AI monitors sales calls and records key data, in theory reducing the need for salespeople to note-take themselves.

Winn.AI today launched out of stealth with $17 million in seed funding led by Insight Partners and S-Capital. Postan-Koren said the proceeds will support R&D while bolstering Winn.AI's sales and marketing efforts.

Prior to Winn.AI, Postan-Koren was the director of business development at OurCrowd, the venture investing platform. Haleva was a senior cybersecurity expert at XM Cyber, a startup that the Schwarz Group acquired last November for $700 million.

"Winn.AI relieves salespeople of ... administrative busywork so that they can focus on their customers -- not their keyboards. Its magic lies in its unique ability to monitor, interpret, and document sales call," Postan-Koren told TechCrunch in an email interview.

Like an eager page, Winn.AI joins in on virtual sales meetings over Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams. After setting up a playbook or adapting one of several premade ones, Winn.AI tracks the conversation, letting salespeople know which talking points they've addressed and which haven't been brought up yet.

The platform detects questions about customer references and the competitive landscape, providing relevant information from the web. And at the meeting's conclusion, Winn.AI exports any responses from prospects to the corresponding Salesforce or HubSpot entry.

Postan-Koren isn't ignorant of competitors like Gong, Clari and Walnut. But he argues that Winn.AI is one of the few vendors of its kind providing feedback in real time.

"One of our core competencies is that we’re training our AI in real-life sales meetings. This greatly helps us make it more accurate versus standard training resources," Postan-Koren said. "Furthermore, the more a customer uses the product in their own sales meetings, our AI capabilities will improve to match their exact needs."

Winn.AI is in beta and, thus, has no paying customers. Postan-Koren wouldn't reveal the company's anticipated revenue, but said that Winn.AI expects to double its headcount from 25 employees to 50 during 2023 -- implying rosy projections.

"The funding round timing made perfect sense. During turbulent times, when salespeople's productivity and effectiveness are more critical than ever, a tool like Winn.AI provides the additional edge sales leaders and individuals are seeking," Postan-Koren said. "The Winn.AI real-time assistant acts as an extra pair of hands during meetings, giving salespeople the freedom to focus their attention entirely on the customer."