Perth winery owner guilty of worker rape

Rebecca Le May

A Perth winery owner has been found guilty of raping a 24-year-old Japanese woman who worked for him in exchange for meals and lodging more than two years ago.

Chidlow's Well owner Peter Raymond Costa, 57, went on trial in the District Court of WA this week, charged with three counts of sexual penetration without consent.

He was found guilty after about two-and-a-half hours of jury deliberations on Thursday.

The court heard he plied the woman with wine over dinner while his wife was away in March 2015 and his victim wound up so drunk she could only remember fragments of the rest of the night.

But she said she clearly recalled waking up in her bedroom with Costa on top of her, and struggled and kicked to try to throw him off.

The assault only ended when she called out to her South Korean colleague, who ran in from his neighbouring bedroom and found them both semi-naked, and she was crying.

The court heard the woman sent a South American friend a string of texts the next morning asking for help and saying she'd been raped by her boss.

She was picked up from the property by the friend and her husband, and was sobbing and highly distressed.

The woman was visiting Perth on a working holiday visa and was part of the Willing Workers on Organic Farms program.

Costa will be sentenced on September 11.