We can win seats again say Welsh Liberal Democrats

Welsh Liberal Democrat leader Jane Dodds
"We are campaigning throughout the whole of Wales," says Welsh Liberal Democrat leader Jane Dodds [Getty Images]

Welsh Liberal Democrats have launched their general election campaign by saying “it’s about time the public had a say in who is running the country”.

They do not currently hold any Welsh seats at Westminster, but hope to return to the Welsh political map on 4 July.

Welsh party leader Jane Dodds said the party "can win across Wales".

The campaign launch was in Hay-on-Wye, Powys, which is part of one of the seats they hope to gain on election day.

Lib Dems said their priorities include providing better access to dentists and more support for rural communities.

They will also press for climate and environmental matters to be given priority and will push for further regulation against river polluters.

Ms Dodds, the only Lib Dem Member of the Senedd, said: “We can win across Wales. We can beat the Conservatives, and that’s what we are hearing.

“We stand for people here in Wales, we want to see better standards of living, a better deal for businesses. We stand for the environment, we make sure that our rivers are cleaner and we want better childcare for our working families.

“We very much are looking at our rural areas, but also urban areas as well.

"We’ve got limited resources, we are practical, we think we need to look at where we can make a difference and rural mid Wales is one of those but we are campaigning throughout the whole of Wales as well.”

Ms Dodds said they were not only looking to win seats, but also come second in others.

“We are looking to really move up, but we are going to win some seats here in Wales and we hope that we’ll get some MPs from Wales back into Parliament."

Ms Dodds said it was "about time the public had a say in who is running the country, after years of Conservative chaos and disorder we have finally been given the chance to show them the door.

"This is a chance for the electorate to send a message to both Westminster and Cardiff Bay that they want to see some meaningful change.

"Make no mistake, neither the Conservatives or Labour offer anything different from the current status quo."