Wiltshire man jailed for 14 years for baby's manslaughter

A man has been sentenced to 14 years in prison for the manslaughter of his three-month-old baby daughter.

Samuel Warnock, 29, formerly of Cornfield Road in Devizes, pleaded guilty in January to the manslaughter of his daughter Miyah Warnock.

Medical examinations concluded Miyah's injury's were consistent with violent shaking or blunt force.

Miyah's mother Jasmine Warnock, 29, was given a three year community order after pleading guilty to child cruelty.

Ms Warnock, also formerly of Cornfield Road, was also given 30 days rehabilitation.

In a short tribute to Miyah, grandparents Andrew and Michelle Rideout said: "Miyah was our princess. We are devastated by the loss of our granddaughter.

"We will never get over losing her."

On 20 September 2021, emergency services were called to the couple's address due to medical concerns regarding baby Miyah.

Miyah was taken to Bristol Children's Hospital but sadly died on 19 October.


Warnock had been alone with his daughter for 25 minutes when Miyah suffered her fatal collapse, the court heard.

Extensive medical examinations were carried out which ruled out any natural causes and concluded that Miyah died as a result of a traumatic head injury consistent with violent shaking or blunt force.

Sentencing the pair at Winchester Crown Court, the judge, Mrs Justice May, described Warnock as a "reckless and irresponsible new father, prone to anger, easily frustrated, profoundly needy and dangerously incapable of caring properly for a tiny new baby".

The judge told Mrs Warnock: "You are to some extent a victim of controlling and coercive behaviour and this impacted your ability to recognise what he was doing but it didn't render you entirely powerless."

Det Con Katey Baker said: "This was an extensive, and at times, extremely complex investigation, which required in-depth medical examinations to be carried out.

"It was these examinations which revealed the true extent of what little Miyah had been through at the hands of her father - one of the people who Miyah should have felt most happy, safe and content in the care of.

"Miyah was so small and so vulnerable at just three months old - but I hope this case has gone some way in giving her the voice she never had."


Det Chief Insp Simon Childe said: "Samuel Warnock inflicted injuries on his baby so serious that she went into cardiac arrest, and despite the best efforts of medical experts, died almost one month later in hospital.

"Her life was cut tragically short by her father.

"Her grandparents, who doted on Miyah have described her as a princess. I cannot imagine how difficult this time has been, and continues to be for them as doting grandparents."

Charles Row, defending Warnock, said his client had expressed "genuine" remorse and written a note stating: "I would like to express my regret for my actions, it is something that will always haunt me.

"I wish with all my being I could take those minutes back, I would give my own life to have my daughter back."

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